Delinea Secret Server Integration Guide

Amir Avitzur
Amir Avitzur
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Delinea Secret Server Integration Guide

Secret Server can be integrated with Authomize so that Authomize will be able to analyze identity and access information to secrets held on the Secret Server. Information such as users, groups, roles and secrets are extracted once (when integrated) and updated regularly thereafter.

Secret Server integration workflow


Integrating Secret Server with Authomize

  1. Log into Authomize
  2. Go to Settings/Data Sources.
  3. click Add New App.
  4. Select Secret Server.
  5. In the Integrate Secret Server dialog:
    1. In Insert integration details, enter your Secret Server username, password and Integration Domain.
    2. In Fetch the following secrets, enter access_key,username followed by a comma and the secrets you wish to track (do not add a space after the commas).
    3. Supply an Integration name.
    4. In the Pick Owner field, enter the integration owner’s email.

Click Create.

5. Wait for the integration to finish.

6. When Secret Server is integrated you will see that it has become part of the Connected Apps list.


The Ramzor.png button, on the top right of the Secret Server integration, enables you to fetch the latest data, edit the integration settings, and delete the integration.

What data is collected:


  • Created
  • Display name
  • Email Address
  • Enabled
  • Is Locked Out
  • Last Login
  • Two Factor Authentication


  • Role name


  • Group name
  • Members of the role


  • Active (yes/no)
  • ID of secret
  • Name
  • Description
  • Create Date
  • Creation date
  • Last accessed
  • Secret Value
  • Access Key (for AWS secrets)
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