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Amir Avitzur
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Integrating Box with Authomize

Box can be integrated with Authomize to help manage authorization within Box. After integration, Authomize provides visibility into Box, enabling improved identity security and automated access reviews.

Box integration workflow


Note: Only a Box admin can integrate Box.

Preparing for the Installation

  1. Go to Settings/Data Sources and check if Box was already installed. If not, click Add New App.
    Note: If Authomize found Box on your IDP (identity provider), it would be displayed as a recommended app and you could click its plus sign to start the integration.


2. Click Box


  1. In the Integrate Box dialog click Install the Box App .



Step 1 Install the Authomize app in box

  1. Click Go to store and then log into Box.
    Note: You will need a Box business subscription or enterprise subscription to connect with Authomize.
  1. Click Grant access to Box.
    This may cause to open in your browser. If so, ignore it.
  1. Open the Box app, as an admin, and click the Admin Console.

Step 2 Generate Box reports in Box admin panel

To significantly simplify integration and shorten integration time, you need to generate Reports, in Box, and upload them into the Authomize integration page.  Box reports can be generated, only by Box admins, from the admin panel.

  1. In the admin panel, Click Reports in the menu.
  2. Click Create Report from the dialog.
  3. Click the Export button to generate reports for Folders and Files, Collaborations and Shared Links.
  4. There are several filter options when creating a Collaborations report. You can set or ignore those filters according to the information that you require.
  5. The report will be generated in your home directory in a Box folder called Box Reports.

It might take some time for the report generation to complete. For collaboration reports you can check the report generation completion status by hovering on the tiny i icon.

You can also check the status of all of your reports under the Report Status tab under Reports section.


  1. When the reports are ready, copy them into a local directory and check that they are stored as csv or xlsx files.
  2. Load each of the files into Authomize by clicking Browse File in the Integrate Box dialog.



Step 3 Insert your Box username and Oauth token

Step 3. Enter an Authomize-Box connector name.
              Ignore the Oauth field. It was deprecated and will soon be eliminated from the dialog.

Step 4 Pick Owner

Add the integration owners email address.

“Step 5” Create the Integration

To complete the process click Create.

What data is collected

  • file metadata – Authomize does not read or collect information in files
    • file ID
    • file Name
    • file type
    • file owner
    • file tree
    • file size
    • file created at
    • file modified at
    • file shared
  • folder trees – Authomize collects the folder structure
    • folder ID
    • folder Name
    • folder type
    • folder owner
    • folder tree
    • folder size
    • folder created at
    • folder modified at
    • folder shared
  • user accounts by email address
  • groups can contain internal employees and external users
  • box teams – treated as groups by Authomize
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