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Integrating HiBob with Authomize

HiBob can be integrated with Authomize so that Authomize will have “a source of truth” about users and their status within the organization. User information such as employee name, title, team, ID number, start of employment, and date of departure are all sourced from the HR management platform.

HiBob integration workflow

1. Log into Authomize.

2. Go to Settings/Data Sources and click .Add New App.. (even if HiBob was installed previously).
3. Select HiBob.
4. In the Integrate HiBob dialog:

1. Get an API token from HiBob (described below).
    Paste the API token in the HiBob Access Token field.

2. Enter a name for this integration

       3. Enter the email of the “owner” of this integration.
           Click Create.


5. HiBob appears in your list of Connected Apps once it’s integrated.

Getting a HiBob API Token

1. Log into your app (https://app.hibob.com/login/):

2. Click your profile picture and choose API access and from that page click Generate token.

 3. Copy the token and paste in the HiBob Integration dialog in Authomize.

Data collected

• Last Name
• First Name
• Full Name
• Title
• Manager
• Department
• Status
• Work Email
• Personal Email
• Employee number
• Is Hidden
• Hire Date
• Termination Date

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