DropBox Integration Guide

Amir Avitzur
Amir Avitzur
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Integration with DropBox provides visibility about the identities and assets on your organization’s DropBox account. After integration, Authomize provides visibility into DropBox, enabling improved identity security and automated access reviews.

DropBox integration workflow



  1. Log in to Authomize.
  2. Go to Settings (Settings_Button_16x16.png) /Data Sources and click Add New App.
  3. Click DropBox
  4. In the Integrate DropBox dialog:

Step 1. Log into DropBox as an admin and allow Authomize to access DropBox.

DropBox_Login.png Continue.png Allow.png

Step 2. Skip this step if you already logged in (in Step 1).

Step 3. Enter your DropBox username.

Step 4. Provide an integration name.

Step 5. Provide the email of the integration owner.

Click Create.

You will see DropBox in your Connected Apps list when Dropbox is integrated.

What data is collected



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