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Amir Avitzur
Amir Avitzur
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Connecting Flat Files with Authomize

Authomize enables users to connect to any application via a custom connector that gets its data from an excel file.

The connector uses Authomize APIs to extract the content of the file and load it into Authomize. After a file has been loaded Authomize creates a custom connector with its own unique ID. That ID can be used later with other APIs such as POST, PATCH and DELETE.

Uploading the file

In addition to this guide, an empty excel file is provided. You can download the excel file, load data into it, save it and then upload the file to Authomize.

Note: Some fields are mandatory, and Authomize will validate the file structure for you. 

File Provider workflow



  1. Go to Settings/Data Sources and click Add New App.
  2. Click File Provider
  3. In the Integrate File Provider dialog:

Step 1. Download the blank excel file
              Populate the excel file

Step 2. Load the populated excel file

Step 3. Optionally upload a logo

Step 4. Optionally provide an integration name

Step 5. Provide the email of the Integration Owner

Click Create


When the integration is ready, you will see that a new connector was added to the connector list.


The Excel Spreadsheet File

Data is collected from the spreadsheet according to the categories below. Each category has its own worksheet in the spreadsheet. The contents of each category are fully aligned with the Authomize APIs described in the API Reference Manual. The individual fields in each category are described in the links below.

Mandatory fields are listed in the API Reference Manual as follows:

You can download the latest spreadsheet from this link.

What data can be collected





Privileges Grants 

Account Association

Groupings Association


Assets Inheritance 


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