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Amir Avitzur
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Integrating Okta with Authomize

Integration with Okta provides visibility about your Okta users, groups, roles and the applications they can access. After integration, Authomize provides visibility into Okta and the applications (in Okta or other IDPs) that Okta supports as an Identity Provider, enabling improved identity security and automated access reviews.

Okta integration workflow


Generating a token in Okta

To integrate Okta with Authomize, you will need to provide System Admin privileges to an Okta user and then create a token that can be used for Okta-Authomize communication.

  • Only System Admins can assign a System Privilege role to another user
  • In order to grant the desired permissions to the Authomize token, the token must be generated from the user you are about to create in steps (2 & 3)
  1. Log into Okta as an admin.
  2. Add a person.
  3. Edit the new person to provide him or her with Super-Admin privileges.
    Note: Only a Super Admin can fetch data about super admins.
    To edit, click on the user.
  4. On the Single User page, click Add individual admin privileges.
  5. In the Administrator assignment by admin page:
    1. Set the Role to one of the following:
      1.  Super Administrator - Allows Authomzie to read administrative permissions.
      2. Read-only Administrator - Authomize will not be able to track admin permissions, but all other functionality will be supported.
    2. Click Save Changes
  6. Confirm admin status.
  7. At this point:
    1. Login as the newly created user
    2. You will be required to activate the account and update the initial password
  8. Go to API > Authorization Servers page to find the URL.
  9. Go to API > Tokens page to create a new token (by clicking Create Token).
    Mighty-Good-Token.png      Created_Token.png

Integrating Okta in Authomize

  1. Log into Authomize.
  2. Go to Settings > Data Sources and click Add New App.
  3. Select Okta from the list.
  4. In the Okta dialog, do the following:

Step 3.    Copy the URL from Okta’s API > Authorization Servers page
               and paste it in the Domain field.
               Copy the token from Okta’s API > Tokens page the paste it into the Token field.            

Step 4.    Enter an optional Integration name.

Step 5.    Enter your email address.

Click Create.


If all goes well Okta will be integrated and added to the list of connected apps.

What data is collected

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Applications
  • Activity Data
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